Drawing with Vintage Photos
This beautiful project by Spencer Studio, features vintage photos with a very detailed drawing extending the scene in the picture frame. 

The process is meant to invoke the imagination and the drawings are a place where the past and present can meet. (Spencer Studio)

Este belo projeto do Spencer Studio apresenta fotos vintages com ilustrações detalhadas extendendo a cena no quadro da imagem.

O processo destina-se a invocar a imaginação e os desenhos são um lugar onde o passado e o presente podem se encontrar. (Spencer Studio)
So I had ordered film for the #Polaroid Land Camera my mother’s boyfriend gave me, but there was an issue with my order so The Impossible Project said they would refund me & send me a free pack of film. Well they were so nice because I recieved not one, but two film packs !! Thank you so much Impossible! Now I can finally see if this bad boy works! ☺️😁 #lifeisgood #crossingfingers #personal #elecktroange

i take my hedgehog grocery shopping and nobody tells me to stop
"Happiness in nothing but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain."
Thomas Hardy (via missellacronin)